Friday, October 12, 2007

Environmental Changes

I am in a weird flux now. A couple of months ago, I really wanted to sell all my furniture. Just get rid of it. I didn't because my best friend convinced me that I needed it. Well, as of yesterday I craigslisted most of my living room furniture. I am actually getting a great response and am scrounging around for more things to sell. I want more space in this apartment so I can make it into a studio. I am ready for that change in my life, sides how else can I immerse myself? This will indirectly (if not directly) remind me to be more proactive about photography if it becomes a photo room in every sense. I am excited. Albeit, it's a bit weird to have an empty room, but with the lifestyle changes I have made, I am more aware of what suits my personality better - more aware than I have ever been about myself and my passion for art and the creation of it.

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