Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Journey Long Overdue - Vietnam

Albeit, when I had discussed this trip with my ex I hadn't taken into account that the trip wouldn't begin until several years later, but here I am in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I hope for the next couple of weeks to document my discovery as I explore the country with my family.
It was a long flight as was expected. My cousin and I managed to watch three whole movies and played games amidst our meals. I didn''t really cave into my sleep deprivation mode until the later half of the flight when someone two rows ahead had nicely vomited all over their chairs and clothes. The smell was unbearable, but where were we to go? I tried to inhale the scent of the fabric softener in my airplane pillow to dilute what was still lingering in the stale air.
The second flight consisted of a ton of sleep and as we arrived in Ho Chi Minh we were promptly greeted by family and friends who helped us expedite the customs process. We had some yummy noodle soup down the street and snuck in a clean shower to dispel the humid warmth we have been feeling since we arrived.
Today's images are quite simply the process of going through the airport terminals and so forth. We had a quick stop in Japan and not much time left to even consider some wanderings around the airport - what a shame.

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